The history of Islands of Beaufort

In 1998, the vision of Islands of Beaufort – a private gated community – was actualized and based on the lowcountry neighborhood architecture of the home designer William E. Poole.  The property was annexed into the City of Beaufort, which provides complete city services – police, fire, water, electric, sewer, waste pickup and recycling.


Using the backdrop of the woodlands and shoreline of Battery Creek, 196 properties were laid out.  The community was an instant success – all properties were sold by the developer – and in 2005 the Home Owners Association accepted the management of the property.  Currently, 65 families live in the community, and approximately 30 properties are offered for resale.  The owners of the remaining properties intend to build within the near future.


Come visit us and see this beautiful ‘hidden gem’ within the city limits of 300 year old Beaufort, South Carolina.