Building a Home

Building a Home in Islands of Beaufort

We’re as excited as you are about your desire to build a custom home in our community. Here are some things to consider before you get started in earnest.

What you need to do

  • Understand the architectural style of homes in Islands of Beaufort.  Drive through the neighborhoods, especially the one you will live in.
  • Establish a relationship with the Architectural Review Board (ARB).
  • Obtain a ‘Tree & Topo” survey.
  • Select an approved architect & builder
  • Provide a Conceptual Drawing of your new home.
  • Request Preliminary and Final Design Reviews.
  • Build your home.

The Village – Five Oaks Circle


A William E. Poole – designed neighborhood that sets the tone for IOB architecture. All new homes built in the Village must blend in with the existing Village residences.

Belle Grove


A traditional neighborhood that offers vistas of marsh views as well as the privacy of cul-de-sac living.

Cotton Island


Features raised residences, many with marsh views and dock permits, but not “deep-water”.

Deer Island


A separately gated neighborhood within our community offering properties for larger residences, many with exclusive “deep-water” access.

Defining an Islands of Beaufort Home

Homes within IOB are characterized by traditional, Lowcountry attention to exterior detail.  Examples include metal roofs; a welcoming entry and porches; brick or tabby in foundations, chimneys, walkways and driveways; eaves with crown moldings, enclosed soffits or exposed rafter tails; copper flashing, copper or brass exterior lighting fixtures and full landscaping with in-ground irrigation.  Construction costs for custom homes vary, but one should budget an average of $250 / heated sq. ft.

The Building Process

Visit Islands of Beaufort

A visit to IOB will help you understand the architecture of the community as a whole and offer the opportunity to establish a working relationship with the ARB.  Fred Mueller, the ARB Administrator, or another ARB member can be available as guides.  They can answer any of your questions and will be happy to informally review exterior elevations of homes you are interested in to help you better understand our architectural philosophy.

Obtain a “Tree & Topo” Survey

Your property will dictate the size and shape of your home.  The survey will help you make sure that your dream house will fit on the property with adequate room for a driveway and a side-loading garage.

Select an Architect & Builder

We recommend that you partner with an architect and builder who is familiar with the approval process and construction at IOB.  Residents who use professionals familiar with ARB requirements benefit from the value of the experience.

Provide the ARB with a Conceptual Drawing

Conceptual drawings of the exteriors give the ARB an idea of what your residence will look like, and more importantly, how the residence will fit into the general neighborhood.  The ARB takes into account the dwellings’ mass and scale, its relationship to other homes in the area, and architectural features in general. The conceptual drawings are a guide, and provide a basis for ARB input before you incur the expense of creating detailed architectural plans.

Initiate the Design Review Process

The design review process has two stages, Preliminary & Final.  Your team of professionals – architect & builder – is tasked with presenting the details of your home to the ARB in a timely manner.  Generally, the process takes two months once the ARB, you and your professionals have agreed to the overall exterior design.

Build Your Home

Once the Final Architectural Review is complete, you are free to start construction.  The ARB will monitor the building process to ensure compliance with your approved house plan.

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Islands Of Beaufort

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